About The Author

Giampiero D’ Angelo was born in Italy in 1956. Later on, he relocated to Canada to take a fresh start in life. During Covid-19, he utilized his time productively and started composing ‘’The Memory Bank,’’ one of his first works of mystery fiction books. It’s a story about right and wrong, as well as the idea of living indefinitely.

Apart from his writing career, he is happily married to Christa for the last 43 years. He has built one of his most treasured relationships with her. He’s been blessed with 2 children and 4 grandchildren who have shown him the true meanings of love and affection.

Inspired by romantic suspense novels and mystery fiction books, he writes to amaze his audience, and teach them life-long lessons. After completing the Blood Tells No Lies novel, he is presently working on his 3rd book, and hopes that it will be listed among the best Mystery Drama Books 2022.

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