Splendid work! It hooked me till the end. The story was quite engaging and crafted with much thought on emotions and human tendencies. I loved how it turned out, and the climax was mind-boggling. The descriptions of the places and the intricate details make this book a worthy read. Highly recommended!

Andy Parker


To tell you the truth, I can totally connect with the protagonist as I struggled with my roots as well and tried to leave that part behind me. I even grew frustrated with it when people tried to tutor me on how I should accept my heritage as it is who I am and stuff like that. The author has perfectly underlined the sensitive spots with his writing style, and the way he captures emotions is just amazing. When I was reading the book, I could feel my hands getting all goose bumpy. Pure magic, I must say. Worth a read!

Susan Lopez

High schooler

The crime genre is my cup of tea. I have read every single crime novel that I could get my hands on, then I stumbled upon this work of Giampiero D' Angelo, and I have to say, it is no doubt different but in a good sense. It is not complete gore and not completely mellow. It is balanced and crafted with patience. I like the overall calm tone of the piece and the message it carries for the audience. It was actually quite amusing to see Luke suffer because of some misunderstanding. How tightly he was tangled up in his past, and when the actual thing came to the front, it just knocked me off for a second. The ride was twisty but had room for the readers to understand what was boiling in the back. Recommended

Dexter Flanagan


This book is amazing, I like the plot of it and the climax was something I wasn’t actually expecting. It is different than the crime novels I have read and it has a different and quite a valuable message. I admire writers who take in significant themes in their work and spread awareness and this writer has done the job so creatively. A must-read!

Audrey Downing

hair stylist

A good time buster, engaging with the right amount of humor and wit. The tone and overall aura of the book was quite soothing and calm, perfect for a relaxing read after an endless day of work. I mean, I enjoy books that play with the theme of family and love. The best thing was that it had a pinch of everything, humor, sorrow, loss, crime, and mystery. Good read.

Henry Eastwood


A beautiful story. I love the romance element in the book, and Luke and Alessandra are made for one another. It has the right amount of suspense, thrill, action, and laughter. I admire happy families, and when characters and their anxieties are relatable, it feels surreal if you ask me. I could see myself in Luke, but I could also relate to Alessandra’s conflict. Do read it if you want to experience something different.

June Pillsbury


Great read, engaging, entertaining, and exciting! The author is a master craftsman. I love the way he carried forward the plot and added relevant details. I am a photographer myself, an amateur at the moment, but I dream of showcasing my work to the crowd, and seeing Luke’s dream getting accomplished satisfies my inner voice to do something phenomenal with my life. Do read it.

Ali Sheikh


The plot is epic, the ending is sweet, and the overall book was just an entertaining journey. This is the first book that I finished so fast. I wasn’t able to let go, and the climax was just wow! Recommended.

Mathew Cruscow


I am into books that show solid family ties and bonding. Alessandra’s big Italian family with goofy family members just swells my heart. Luke’s passion is what kept me going deeper into the book, I love how he is so into his work, and he is striving for something in life, and when the big moment comes for him, I just couldn’t stop my eyes getting teary. This book is just perfect. A must-read!

Elena Herbert

Real estate agent